West Virginia Trout Stocking

Best Fishing Days and Times 2013

February 19, 2014 Anthony Creek Dillons Run Edwards Run and Pond Ft. Ashby Reservoir Knapps Creek Mill Creek of South Branch Shavers Fork (Bemis) Shavers Fork (lower section) Tygart Valley River Headwaters February 18, 2014 Bullskin Run Cacapon Park Lake Evitts Run Indian Rocks Lake Middle Creek (Berkeley) Mill Creek of Opequon Creek (Berkeley) Opequon Creek Rocky Marsh Run http://www.wvdnr.gov/fishing/stocking/dailystock.shtm … Read More

Five Reasons Recycling is the Way to Go

five reasons why recycling is the way to go

In today’s world, everyone should recycle. The benefits of recycling are far too numerous for us to ignore, and now, more than ever, recycling is a simple thing to do. From keeping our world healthy and productive to saving money, let’s go over five reasons recycling is the way to go.

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Is Recessed Lighting Energy Efficient?


[Originally posted on Kompulsa.com] Recessed lighting involves the use of light bulbs in recessed fixtures (meaning they are inside the ceiling, rather than attached to the outside of it). Recessed light schemes often involve using many light bulbs (more than 5) (upwards of 25 watts each if incandescent, and upwards of 14 watts if fluorescent) to light only one room. This results in a combined wattage ranging from 125 watts to 375 watts per room, which will require 2.25 kWh per day (67.5 kWh per month), assuming the lights are … Read More

2012 Confirmed To Be Among Top 10 Warmest Years


The year 2012 is now at the ninth place among the 10 warmest years since 1850, when world meteorologists started keeping records, according to a statement released from The World Meteorological Organization. Surprisingly, early last year saw a drop in temperature due to the cooling effect of a

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