Doctors Now ‘Firing’ Patients Who Reject Vaccination


For many years government and health officials have been trying to push  vaccination on the people. While childhood  vaccine exemption rates have been increasing, we have been seeing an overall  increase in the amount of people receiving  the flu shot each year.

There have even been numerous occasions where  legislators and others have called for mandatory  vaccinations that could affect health care workers in particular. In  fact, many pediatricians are so angry with their patients who refuse vaccination  that they are ‘firing’  patients and their families, refusing to  play their role as doctor.

That’s right, pediatricians are refusing to help parents — and their families —  if they aren’t ‘responsible’ enough to vaccinate their children. One  study of Connecticut pediatricians found that some 30 percent of  133 doctors said they they refused to help a family due to vaccine  refusal. Another survey of 909 Midwestern pediatricians found that 21  percent dismissed a family due to vaccine refusal.

While doctors are trained and told to ‘sell’ these vaccines, many people are  becoming aware of vaccine  dangers and risks. One study found that more than 1 in 10 parents are  straying away from the traditional vaccine schedule, with the number to increase  exponentially over the next few years. For doctors to refuse care for those  making a decision for their own health is irresponsible to say the least.

Perhaps doctors should consider these truths about vaccines and the flu shot  before ‘firing’ patients who refuse to be pricked.

  • Vaccines suppress the immune system which could actually increase your risk  for contracting the flu for weeks or months.
  • The flu shot “protects” against  the influenza virus, but only about 20  percent of flu sicknesses are caused by influenza type A or B. The 80  percent remaining are caused by over 200 other bugs which make you feel like  you have the flu.
After reviewing this information, it is no wonder why so many parents are  refusing vaccines for their child. If your doctor is refusing to help you due to  vaccine refusal, be sure to thank him later for making you find a different  doctor.

Source : Natural Society

Photo Credit:  TangoPango

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