Leading Antibiotic Linked to Sudden Death



Following the news that drugs like Tylenol can actually lead to  death when taken correctly in low dose form, new information has found that one  of the most widely used antibiotics also has a very concerning death link. The  pharmaceutical, known as azithromycin, has been linked to an increased  likelihood of sudden death in adults — especially those with heart disease or a  high risk for the condition.

Of course heart disease is rampant among the population, meaning that a large  percentage of individuals therefore have an increased risk of sudden death when  taking this popular drug to treat infection. While the odds of sudden death  affecting the patient are not very high, the findings led researchers to urge  doctors to reconsider prescribing the drug.

What the doctors may not be aware of is the fact that natural alternatives to  antibiotics do exist that are both highly effective as well as exceptionally  safe. Peer-reviewed research has shown that garlic, which is also beneficial to  improved immunity and wellness, is even  more effective than antibiotics in fighting common illness.

When also considering the fact that antibiotics have been linked to serious  conditions like mental  illness, heavily drug-resistant  superbugs, and obesity, the threat of antibiotic overuse becomes even more  apparent. Amazingly, the issue of widespread antibiotic use has been continually  recognized as a major threat to public health by health professionals and  political legislators alike.

It was the threat of resistant superbugs as a result of antibiotics used in  the food supply that led a United States judge  to order the FDA to remove them from the animal feed supply. The FDA’s  response? After ignoring calls to remove antibiotics from the feed stemming back  to 1977, the agency finally stated that they would partially remove them from  the feed supply over the next few years.

It is clear that there is a serious problem with the over-prescription of  antibiotics, and the subsequent results are hampered health and serious side  effects. In some cases, it could even be death.

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