Cellphone & Web the New Valentine’s Day Cupids (Infographic)



Meet V-Day Expectations With a Click! Technology plays an important role in our daily mechanistic lives. It help us wake up in the morning, helps us stay in touch with our loved ones, work from any location but did you know it can potentially save our love lives from a path of destruction?

Many couples end up being disappointed with each other on Valentine’s Day for one. Not meeting each other’s expectations can be messier than you think – -more than half of women break up with their partners after unhappy V-Day’s! But with the help of tech, you can avoid all the disappointment and heartbreak altogether!

Just a few clicks here and a couple of searches there and voila, before you know it you have the perfect V-Day planned- -gifts, expressions and all! No matter how turbulent your relationship may be, a little help from tech on V-Day can go a long way!

Cell Phone and Web: perfect Valentine Cupids
Source: MobiStealth

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