Five Reasons Recycling is the Way to Go


five reasons why recycling is the way to go

In today’s world, everyone should recycle. The benefits of recycling are far too numerous for us to ignore, and now, more than ever, recycling is a simple thing to do. From keeping our world healthy and productive to saving money, let’s go over five reasons recycling is the way to go.

1. Recycling is Easy and Convenient

Most trash companies, depending on where you live, provide separate trash cans meant to separate recyclable material from ordinary trash. You may find that, when you start separating the things you throw away, your recycle bin will be fuller than the trash can! Efforts to make recycling easier are readily expanding and include recycling events that will take old computers, TVs, batteries, light bulbs, cell phones, paint, and other items that can be used for something else. In many places, you may find bins for such items as well.

2. Recycling Reduces Pollution

It is simple: the more we recycle the less trash gets tossed into landfills. For every ton of paper properly recycled, about three cubic yards of landfill space is saved. Since landfills contain many toxic materials that can seep into our groundwater, this saved space is important. Landfills are also responsible for producing methane gas, which is a known carcinogen, and other air pollutants. Keeping aluminum cans, plastic bags, and other recyclable materials out of these landfills is a necessary step in saving our environment and doing what is best for our planet and, therefore, ourselves.

3. Recycling Saves Money and Creates Jobs

The recycling process creates more jobs for people in your community than other waste management. Also, recycling is less expensive than having to incinerate waste. We, as individuals, can also save money by recycling. Many people do not realize reusing things we would ordinarily throw out is a type of recycling and this practice could save us money. For instance, think about purchasing used clothing instead of new clothing, making rugs out of old t-shirts and using plastic grocery bags to pick up your dog’s waste. Composting is another form of recycling. Instead of throwing away vegetable and fruit scraps, think about starting a compost heap and “returning” the foods to the Earth, creating healthy soil that can be used for gardening. You can even grow new vegetables and fruits using the scraps. In these and many more ways, we can use recycling to save money by not having to purchase as many new materials.

4. Recycling Preserves Natural Resources

By adding in recycled fibers into products, we reduce the need for newer resources, such as trees, oil, and minerals. For example, if we recycle all of our paper products, from newspapers to copy paper, we are indeed saving trees because not as many will need to be cut down and used for new paper.

5. Recycling Saves Energy

It takes less energy to produce recycled products that it does completely new products. For instance, recycling aluminum takes approximately 95 percent less energy than making aluminum from bauxite ore.

If you are interested in recycling, you can find out more about recycling in your area with a simple search online. For example, if you live in Phoenix, you could search “Phoenix scrap metal” to find information on recycling scrap metal in your area. The same is true for any other city around the country.

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