The Amish Don’t Get Autism? And They Don’t Get Vaccinations – Possible Link?


People outside the alternative health community are often confused by the lack of autism in the Amish people.  The Amish do not experience autism, or any of the other learning disabilities that plague our technological society.  The Amish live in a society that consists of outdated technologies and ideals, by contemporary standards.  Their diet consists of eating organic, fresh, locally-grown produce, and of course, they do not follow the established vaccination routines.  To the dismay of the mainstream media and the medical establishment, this has resulted in a healthier people, that are void of all of our chronic diseases.  Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are virtually non-existent in Amish villages.  Equally non-existent are modern, chemically-engineered medicines, enhanced (chemically-engineered) foods, G.M.O. foods, and of course, vaccines.  How is it that those who are without the “miracles” of modern orthodox medicine are healthier?  The truth about health, medicine, and how they both relate to the Amish is becoming an embarrassment to some rather powerful people.

There have been 3 (yes three) verified cases of autism in the Amish, and at least two of those children were vaccinated.  No information is available for the third.  The strong correlation between vaccinations and autism is absolutely undeniable, unless you work for the medical establishment, the government, or Big Media.  Proponents of the status-quo claim that the Amish obviously have a special super gene that makes them immune to autism.  They pathetically try to rationalize that autism is some type of genetic failure (i.e. God’s fault), which attacks a brain based on religious affiliation.  We’re tentatively expecting a space alien theory next, in a similar vein to the aliens theory used to attack those who believe in a Creator.  This is truly is F.D.A. and A.M.A. science in all its shining glory.  Vaccine proponents are willing to espouse any ridiculous explanation, so long as they do not have to accept that their entire industry of vaccinations is causing chronic disease, leaving autism for 1 in every 100 children now.

When the Amish are simply left alone, to live free of chemical toxins found in our medicines and foods, they are not plagued with diseases, learning disabilities, or autism.  They are categorically more intelligent, with the exception of advanced (college-level) writing skills, which is explainable by the fact that English is not their primary language.  Could it be those same Amish ‘super genes’ at work again?  Society could learn greatly from their example, if we would only stop poisoning ourselves, and our children on a routine basis.

Read More: The  Health Wyze Report

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The Amish Don’t Get Autism? And They Don’t Get Vaccinations – Possible Link? — 234 Comments

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  10. This is not an article I believe. First of all the Amish are very private people. They would not be answering surveys on whether or not their children have been vaccinated in large numbers. The second flaw in this article is that you do not mention that these children are not eating McDonalds, soda, boxed, frozen or canned foods in huge quantities. Since they make a lot of their own toys, do not import their clothes and many other goods from China, do not kill downer cows for food, do not raise chickens in tiny boxes never allowing them to even walk, or use massive chemicals in their food…and I could go on for pages about the differences in the way these children are raised…this is a horribly weak comparison. The Amish also believe in a strict child discipline and therefore their children are very different from those who grow up in a very permissive environment, encouraged to express their individuality at the expense of others. I personally do not think much of the ballooning numbers of children being labeled with this disease. And where do you all go for help? To big medicine…and to the government for large payouts for the damage that they believe has been done to their children. Really? Would they rather be burying their children from measles, polio, and other diseases that have been virtually taken off the radar. Feel free to move to a third world country with no medical system. I am sick of paying to help people who do not appreciate our country.

    • I am tired of people associating autism with eating at McDonalds. I have a son with Autism and we NEVER eat fast food. We are not permissive parents and we do not eat out of boxes. We grow a lot of our own food, and we can it our selves. Only those who do not have any children with Autism, ADHD or similar type of disorder blame food and parents! Ignorance is bliss!

      • Amen to this! Ignorance is bliss and people will continue to close their eyes to the TRUE cause and blame it on others. I know plenty of people who are very healthy and lead healthy lifestyles and have a child with autism. The one thing these people have in common is the current vaccination schedule.

        • Except I know people who are very healthy and lead healthy lifestyles who don’t vaccinate who have a child with autism. One of whom was just diagnosed this week.

          • Also, as a professional who works in the field of autism and knows the studies well, please read the research that supports the fact that not only does a wide range or research disprouve the fact that vaccinations have anything to do with autism but the original researcher who came out with the claim that they did has been completely discredited as he falsified most of his data for that apparent initial study.

        • Your comment would hold a little more water had we no proof (the subject is attracting a lot of interest) that autism can be detected and diagnosed accuratly in infants under one year of age, who of course are not vaccinated. Find another horse to flog, the vaccinations cause autism hoax came from one fraudulent study, the results that the author got in the study were only due to his falsifying the data, and the study has NEVER been replicated.

          • That’s simply not true. There have been at least a dozen studies which confirmed the original findings of Dr Wakefield. And “his” study was not his alone; it was a collaboration with several of his MD peers, so painting him as some sort of rouge is also not correct. It sounds like you are getting your information from mainstream media and medical journals which are both controlled by Big Pharma where science takes a back seat to profit. There is a massive amount of data supporting the vaccine autims link, but sadly you won’t hear about it on the nightly news. I’ve assembled a collection of MDs who are speaking out on the topic:

          • Michael, thank you for Arthur Krigsman’s name. The following link is to the wikipedia article on him. I should warn you it is not flattering.


            So… to be brief, you want me to trust research from a man who lost his postition at a hospital due to accusations of breach of ethics, who’s testimony is questioned by the Special Masters at the vaccine injury court, and who, in short, stinks…

            Find a better source, please.

            Joe Bonnar

          • Well, unfortunately this can only be true for those who had home births, as now babys get their first short mere minutes after being born (Hep C, with the wonderful reasoning that later, the acceptance of the vaccination would be diminished. Oh yeah?).

            There are hardly any unvaccinated children left…

          • Obviously, Joseph, you currently have no young children since you are under the MISTAKEN impression that infants under a year are not vaccinated!! The rise in autism DIRECTLY correlates with the CHANGE in the age at which vaccines are given! The CURRENT vaccine schedule requires infants be vaccinated at 2 WEEKS, 4 WEEKS, 6 WEEKS, 3 MONTHS, 6 MONTHS, 9 MONTHS & 18 MONTHS! When a child has not even developed their own immune system & certainly is too young for us to be tampering with anything nature might be constructing. Vaccines USED to be the requirement for KINDERGARTEN. This new rushed schedule is in direct response to the RIDICULOUS rush to dump a newborn child off at a Daycare to be raised by strangers while mothers rush off to work. We are poisoning our children, allegedly in the name of public health, when in reality it is in the name of GREED.

        • The Amish also don’t use pesticides, and they don’t do hundreds of unnatural things to themselves that others do. Additionally, where only three Amish cases of autism have supposedly been identified, with two of those having been vaccinated and the third unknown, no information is offered on how many Amish children without autism have been vaccinated. We just don’t know at this point, and drawing conclusions from partial data is completely unscientific.

          • Michael, I stand by my statement. YES, the anti-vaxx lobby has pushed and tried to push many studies in an effort to replicate Wakefield’s fraud. The problem is they can’t do it. Their studies always show flaws, cherrypicking, fraudulent design. The issue is that anybody can put out a study that looks good, sounds convincing, and says what they want it to say; it doesn’t have to be true.
            So… In standing by my statement, Michael, I am calling on you to show me one single study that will stand up to reasonable peer review or sound scientific criticism that proves your point. And you know what? You are NEVER going to find one. The fact is that autism occurs in utero, that is what ALL the evidence we can get is now showing us. So unless a vaccination has the ability to transfer harm BACK in time to before when it was administered you’re really on th wrong track.
            So… Show me a good link, show me valid proof, please. The site I am linking contains links to several excellent studies which disprove your thesis.

        • Due to worries over vaccinations, my son’s pediatrician and I worked out a completely non-traditional vaccination schedule. They were spread way out, and he didn’t finish until well after the age a typical child would have. He still has autism.
          It is worth pointing out that the mercury compound thought to lead to autism hasn’t been part of American vaccines for over a decade, but the rate is still going up. Last I looked, the US and S. Korea have the highest diagnosis rates in the world, while the 3rd world countries are still getting mercury-laden vaccines and not having the same spike in autism that we are.

      • Your child’s autism IS your fault, but you do not understand its cause. The problem could lie within your genetics or your habits/experiences in your life. It IS your fault, however, and no one else’s. Try not to worry about the past, just make sure you don’t have any more children!

        • That was an extremely insensitive and downright mean reply. Aren’t you crass?! I hope and pray YOU don’t have any more children! I wouldn’t want them subjected to your ugliness damaging them for life!

        • You have no idea what autism is caused by, so your comments to Molly are wholly ignorant and unnecessary. Even if it comes from genetics, that doesn’t make it her fault. Your attitude is disgusting and I’m really sorry that Molly even had to read that crud.

        • Wow….uneducated, are we, Mike Jones? What a disgusting comment. You clearly kow nothing about Autism. I never comment on these things, just read them to “educate” myself, as I have a son with Autism, but I had to comment on this. I can’t believe people like you actually take time out of their day to put a complete stranger down. There is no “debate” in that comment, just plain cruelty. You must be bored. This is our world, though, isn’t it? Cowardly bullying, from behind a computer. Get educated, buddy.

          • I know this because I am typing this to you as a person that has High-Functioning Autism, fully diagnosed.

        • Wow, talk about ignorance. Autism IS NOT the fault of the parent, and there isn’t ANY evidence to suggest that. Please think before you start spurting random statements that everyone knows to be false. Wow.

        • For all the parents who have children with autism I say “screw you”. That is a horrible thing to say and quite honestly bullshit. If it was true how do you explain all of the children who are developing normally and start to regress. Horrible thing to say. These parents are dealing with things you have no idea about because I’m assuming you don’t have a child with autism.

      • I have a daughter with autism and i believe that her autism was caused by her vaccinations … what do you think ?

          • my son is autistic, and yes, it was caused by an allergic reaction to the pertussis vaccine. His neurologist proclaimed this when my son was 5. that was 17 years ago. proof or not, look at the fact that when they started giving 5 or more vaccines at one time, autism rates went way up. all those studies that said otherwise, guess what, they were done by the companies that MAKE THE VACCINES!!!! coincidence? I don’t think so.

        • Yes I believe vaccin’s are the cause of many diseases.
          After I got my last vaccin, when I was about 6y old, I instantly got asmatic bronchitis and alergies (12 types to be exact). Have had related sickness related to these vaccin’s. I do not ‘think’ this, I know it.

        • Darren, I think you are wrong. Here are my reasons for thinking you are badly mistaken. First, the only study claiming to show a link between autism and vaccinations was the one done by Mr. Andrew Wakefield, who lost is licence to practice medicine when it was PROVEN that he falsified his results for financial gain. No serious study has shown any evidence that autism is caused by vaccination.
          Second, current investigation and medical thinking suggest that autism can be detected in children under one year of age; while the symptoms are slight they are there, they can be seen and treatment begun at a very early age.
          Third, studies of placental material (material formed before birth) suggests that there are differences between the placentas of children with and without autism. More study is urged, the data HERE is slender.
          So… Your child didn’t get autism because you did the right thing in protecting him from dangerous illnesses. What causes autism is as yet unknown in detail, but we can reliably exclude vaccination.
          Joseph Bonnar

          • You must be paid by Big Pharma, otherwise that much ignorance cannot be explained…

        • You messed up with the word “belief” never say “belief” because no matter how much evidence you have, which your daughter having autism after the fact is evidence enough, if you say you believe dumbasses will immediately shut down, not realizing disbelief is just as ignorant.

        • You are absolutely correct. I did a complete study on Autism and vaccination, and it blew my mind. I have two kids 15 and 13 and they have never been vaccinated. we basically eat like the Amish. And they don’t get sick. I give all the praise and glory to God.

      • Agreed! My son is 21 and was formally diagnosed with ADHS at age 4.5. He always ate organic, low sugar food. I am fed up with uneducated people pronouncing what “causes” these disorders. It is not diet! And for the sake of all of us, vaccinate your kids!

    • they actually did mention all that stuff. also, its common knowledge that amish teach their children in their own schools, and also its common that they amish dont vaccinate their kids. i talk to amish often, and see them daily. i live in “amish country” as there are hundreds of families around my area.

          • The difference in autism rates is attributed in the study to a phenotype associated with ASD, not vaccination. So do we believe the study when it says autism is lower in the Amish while conveniently disbelieving the part of it that dismisses the “vaccination causes autism” myth? Or do we engage in an intellectually honest use of this study’s evidence?

      • Well since that the last research on autism and vaccinations was found out to be false due to lack of scientific proof. So its a stretch at anything to try to show that the way people live in “mainstream medicine” is a bad thing. The scientific proof out there is that there is a correlation between the mothers uteris age and autism but yet so many “plebs” who use the spaghetti method when it comes to autism and medicine. If you want to do something with real proof here it is, if I wasn’t apart of “mainstream medicine” I would’ve died from an asthma attack. The real thing is that the Amish dont go to doctors to get them tested, they just hide them from the world. If you are going to write an article, make sure your primus has some sort, I don’t know, scholastic evidence that backs your claim.

        • There are hundreds of studies that show a link between autism and the chemicals used in vaccines. Send me your email address and let me know how many you want to read. Your first sentence is completely false and blindly ignorant. Your asthma that you mention is another one of the autoimmune diseases that has exploded since the proliferation of the vaccine schedule. I can send you studies on that too if you like. There are also studies that show a disparity in autoimmune diseases between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, but more telling the is refusal of the CDC or AMA to conduct those studies themselves. Of course, I don’t want to pop any bubbles that might interfere with your comfortable existence as a sheep.

          • thank you Jim. where was fibromyalgia even 50 years ago? crohns? how much RA did we see? people should stop and think, maybe we are taxing our own immune systems by injecting viruses into ourselves on purpose. and perhaps sometimes we don’t see the results of doing so until years later. but there won’t be many studies on this, because if there were, the vaccination money train would come to a swift and abrupt halt.

          • As a health care professional I can say that indeed there are many “sheep” out there, blindly following the latest trend, the latest pharmaceutical medicine without question, without fail. I can’t tell you how many people in my practice have absolutely no idea why they’re taking the meds they are or why or how they work. If people would only think for themselves, educate themselves regarding their own bodies: anatomy, physiology, pathologies that are inevitable and those that are consequential, perhaps there would be more collaborative conversations rather than passing the blame & the proverbial “buck”. Although we share many of the same characteristics when it comes to the physical/chemical make up of your bodies, ALL bodies are individually different. Hence why one thing will affect one person in a particular way and not another person who was exposed to the exact same thing in the exact same manner for the same matter of time. From a physiological stand point, some people tend to get allergies later in life. This can be explained by taking into consideration what our immune systems do. This system will fortify a weak area by setting off the proliferation of typical cells while also targeting atypical cells for isolation, assimilation or destruction (funny how as human beings we emulate this behaviour on the outside). Our bodies will prioritize it’s list of things to do (isolate, assimilate, kill and/or heal) – e.g. an allergic reaction to a certain food, and “all of a sudden” one day, the body decides, “nope, can’t do it anymore… got too much other stuff going on”. I’m not saying this happens ALL the time and to EVERYONE who has allergies later in life, as I do realize these allergic reactions can also happen in reverse: someone has been allergic to a certain food/allergen for most of their lives and then “all of a sudden” they’re not allergic anymore. All I’m saying is “give peace a chance”… LOL, ok that AND – let’s try to educate ourselves as to how we fit exactly into NATURE’S LAWS, find out where we actually come from – cuz it sure ain’t a pharmaceutical tablet! *hiccup* :)

        • Really, Gerald? The fact is, there are only 3 known diagnoses of Autism in the whole Amish population. Compare that to any other American ‘group’, whether by race, economic stratum or religion. While correlation is not causation, the fact stands. Further study may give us a definitive answer, but in the meantime, why not try their healthy lifestyle and see if a shift in occurrences comes about?

          • if you really want proof, i am on a paleolithic diet. It wouldn’t matter. I come from a family that has autoimmune in the genes, my father had it, my grandma has one. all the way back to her great grandma. The reason for autoimmune condition is still between the true debate of nature vs nurture. Autoimmune conditions were caused from the industrial revolution and the toxins that were emitted and caused genes to mutate. So for you have have the audacity to attack me for has science has proven is just plain ludicrous. for some reading material here you go, btw its not wikipedia either

        • My father was a physician for 15 years in a small community he saw Amish in his clinics regularly. So yes they seek out medical attention but yes there are certain things they don not do like vaccinate and certain meds they are not allowed to take

    • Well, I’m not all that concerned with McDonalds vis a vis autism, though I think there is plenty of evidence that eating too much (whether it’s McDonalds or Amish cooking) can lead to metabolic diseases like Type 2 diabetes. It’s easy to blame McDonalds for this and that, but there is no proof.

      However, I don’t want to dismiss the other 90% of what you wrote as being outstanding commentary. Like “Really? Would they rather be burying their children from measles, polio, and other diseases that have been virtually taken off the radar.” I’m cheering from the gallery.

    • The article DOES mention that “Their diet consists of eating organic, fresh, locally-grown produce.” It’s understood that this would mean no fast foods or processed rubbish. I think the article did a good job of raising the question as to what, besides the heavy vaccination schedule, could be contributing to autism.

    • Ummm Hello Debra, last time I checked new born infants don’t eat Mc Donalds, Nor have they been exposed to ANYTHING you discussed on your list!! Put the Aspartame infused Koolaid down, back away slowly and wake your ass up!!! SMDH…

    • I agree with Debra. I live in the 4th Largest Amish settlement in the U.S. In my opinion this article was poorly written as it doesn’t have any empirical evidence to support the writer’s opinion. In our community the Amish do indeed vaccinate. They also have a significant number of people with mental deficiency. This is why we have the DDS Clinic and Metzenbaum Center. The Amish aren’t disabled because of vaccination, they’re disabled because of genetics. They have very large families and marrying cousins is not uncommon. Secondly, just because they live an agrarian lifestyle doesn’t mean they eat organic food. Amish vans pack WalMart, SaveALot, and Giant Eagle every Friday. Don’t let the iconic Witness lifestyle fool you. They use cell phones, computers, and television just like any of us. Yes, Amish…I realize the Mennonite are allowed. They do suffer from diabetes…Amish love their sweets, we have 8 dentists in town that are never lacking patients. In conclusion, don’t let circumstantial evidence persuade your perception. Amishaaren’t any different than us.

      • Thank you, thank you. You are completely correct. I could not have explained the situation and covered the many aspects of the Amish life as well as you have.! Nancy in Hawaii

    • Don’t believe it Debra. They DO get vaccines, and while the rates are low they DO have incidents of Autism. A very poorly researched piece, and very disappointing.

    • Touché! You have to give or take. And the person writing the article should live even a hundred years ago…they would be screaming for the shots they already have.

    • I had all the child hood shots and have received all the child hood diseases in spite of the shots. My daughter received none and has not received any child hood disease and she is now 32 and none of her children have any disease either … why is that do you suppose?? i am still scratching my head .

    • I have a friend and his wife were super scared of autism. They did not vaccinate their 3 kids. 2 have developed autism. BTW, I live in conewango NY amongst the old order Amish. This article and most comments are not even close to how they are. I am currently sitting in a Walmart parking lot while they shop. They all had McDonalds on the way up by request. Do you think they would let a down cow go to waste… every Amish I know uses fertilizers and sprays. They don’t eat organic. And the local medical center vaccinates most all the children. They toys they make they sell to buffalo people and go to Walmart to buy some for their kids.
      Believe what you want…..

    • Folks here, who are saying that the “Amish ” would not answer surveys, and this, and that, don’t know what they are talking about. Sure, the Amish are a private people, but they’ve done surveys many times, and just because they are private, doesn’t mean they don’t achieve to the same level of sharing, that the rest of society achieves to, thus, sharing this kind of information, is not an unheard of thing. Why don’t you folks, learn about someone, instead of thinking you already know about them, based on a few bits of information, that you’ve gleaned over your lifetime ?

    • The problem with your comments is that the Amish diet actually was mentioned to compare the average American child’s diet.

      “Equally non-existent are modern, chemically-engineered medicines, enhanced (chemically-engineered) foods, G.M.O. foods, and of course, vaccines”

      Unless you don’t know what chemically-engineered foods and GMOs are, there is no reason for this article to specify different types of harmful foods like McDonalds and boxes foods.

    • I know that it can be frustrating to have your intelligence, and competency as a scholastically (I think I just made that word up) inclined reader called into erudite question, but did you notice that the article does indeed talk about how the Amish only eat organic and locally grown/raised food? I know that all of that complicated language can bog the average American down, and cause them to miss minor things like facts. I also know that common sense is an alien concept for most Americans. I should know. I live here. Now, what common sense tells me, and anyone with enough brain power and sufficient skills of observation is that any group of people that eats only organic and locally raised food never eats at McDonald’s or any other fast food restaurant. It also tells me that no society that wishes to be separate from mainstream society will purchase anything that is produced for the consumption of mainstream society. Now, common sense, and a quick overview of world history also tells me that, within each society, without exception, there will arise people who are interested in the welfare of all societies and are not just willing, but able to gleen cooperation from other members of their society toward that end. Also, how many of these diseases (which had no publicity until vaccines for them because a multi-billion dollar industry) do you think really came from nature? That being said, I feel like watching Torchwood.

    • What is wrong with your reading skills? What do you see this article being about? It tells us that the Amish do not participate in modern gluttony and western medical practices. Slow down and read it again if you don’t agree.

    • Debra you obviously have never or talked to an Amish person in your life. While this article is highly misleading about how modern Amish live, so is your perception of them. Don’t make blanket statements on something you obviously know nothing about.

    • The difference with third world counties is hygiene, clean water, good food and a doctor when you need one. No one will say modern medicine is pure evil. There is a lot of good knowledge there, but also a lot of manipulation and economic motives. The ideal would be good organic food, and a healthcare system that uses all the medical knowledge available in a wholistic approach.

    • Well considered post my foot. Every argument you make just proves the point of the article. Don’t you see that not eating McDonalds foods, not drinking soda or eating prepared box foods or frozen or canned foods allows them to give obviously healthier foods to their children. Nobody but an idiot could fail to see the benefits of eating fresh food as compared to industrialized packaged food with preservatives. If true this article is a perfectly sound argument for the lifestyle of children in general. What you personally think of the labeling of these children as autistic is not, I repeat not important. Your reply is confusing in that one moment you are seemingly agreeing that the Amish way of life is preferable then you charge them with using big medicine, which isn’t important if the quality of life for their children is truly what is most important. The Amish do not sue so how do they get large payouts from the government. They do not have to answer surveys. When our americans years ago lived closer to how the Amish live we had less heart disease no autism and very little diabetes. They don’t get vaccinations period Young lady make up your mind which side you are on and jump off the band wagon, whichever side you are on, and try finding the truth for the simple desire to get to the bottom of these contradictions. You must know that government spokespeople cannot be trusted because there is always an agenda pushing them and the reason behind their agendas is money and future power. The decisions of our government are never made with the quality of life being the most important consideration but so the people in power stay in power.

    • Debra you are TOTALLY out of line with your reasoning! You won’t even give the article a consideration as to be revealing the truth! I know the Amish, they are my neighbors and yes they are private but they DO NOT LIE or conceal the truth! You and your argument sound like a government shill or worse yet, a pharmaceutical troll! With GMOs and and all the chemical crap that our ‘government’ is ramming down our throats, yes there is an argument to be made for this adding to our collective ill health. But that DOES NOT address the issue raised here! Its HIGH TIME that you and people like you WAKE UP and smell the coffee! We are being sold a bill of goods and Big Pharma, Corporate and Governmental “Powers That Be” are laughing all the way to the bank while we watch our children (and our future) slowly die! Your statement, “I personally do not think much of the ballooning numbers of children being labeled with this disease” show that either you REALLY don’t think much at all. or that you are the shill/troll that I claim that you are!

    • It’s very obvious the author if this article did NOT do his own research, and has NEVER had any contact with the Amish community. As a newspaper reporter living in the heart of Midwest America, and just down the road from numerous Amish folks, as well as an epicenter of Amish marketing, I can tell you right now that the Amish do NOT eat only organic, natural foods, and they most certainly DO have autism in their community as well as numerous medical disabilities. As far as vaccinating goes, this author is obviously “borrowing” from the very fine work that Dan Olmsted did many, many years and extrapolating it to today’s world. No. 1, many Amish are now vaccinating because of the political pressure put on them as they matriculate into “English” schools, and away from their private religious community schools. No. 2, they are showing up with autism. And No. 3, all you have to do is go to the local Aldi’s and Walmart and look at their grocery carts and see all the refined sugars and packaged and processed foods piled into their carts. I strongly suggest that if you want to be believable, you need to do your own homework PERSONALLY, not “borrow” old stuff from legitimate writers, and of course, be familiar with your topic–in this case the Amish and Amish habits–before you go writing ridiculous articles like this. I have done many many stories with the Indiana Amish. I have sat down to dinner with them, I have ridden in their buggies with them, and they have ridden in my car with me. And I assure you that this article is so wrong in so many ways it would be impossible to outline it all here. And I am NOT defending vaccines by any means. What I am standing up for is truth and honesty in reporting that has been done with integrity and knowledge.

    • Dear Debra Ruffing, Actually, they DO state that they eat organic food and not processed food…which DUH includes McDonalds…further it has been long established that they do not use modern medicine to include vaccinations. Many years of fighting government at the state and local level shows this to be true. Often they were threatened with not properly caring for their kids because they do not vaccinate. So, either you are not well informed or you are trying to help the vaccine companies by pushing such garbage. The article begins with, “Their diet consists of eating organic, fresh, locally-grown produce, and of course, they do not follow the established vaccination routines.” So your entire argument is false and the stupid “move to another country” comment is disingenuous at best! Look, moron…the majority of Americans send their kids to public school which MANDATES that kids have shots unless religious reasons prevent and even then they can still deny access to school. SO, if our kids are forced to have shots that are connected to something as awful as Autism then why wouldn’t you want to know that for certain? You act as if anyone who questions the big medical companies is somehow anti-American…well honey, THAT is anti-American because we have the 1st Amendment that guarantees our right to FREE speech…even if you do not like what we are saying. I do not have a child with Autism and am thankful, but for my friends who do I want them to find answers to what may have caused the condition and then maybe, just maybe we can stop whatever is causing this in our nation. If that’s diet, vaccines, culture, etc. whatever…we need to work to stop the spread of Autism rather rail against Americans who have VALID concerns and significant evidence that chemicals (GMO’s, Vaccines, etc.) are behind the dramatic spike in Autistic children!

  11. This is such an absurd premise for an article.

    I don’t have an STD and I play the guitar – is there a link?

    I occasionally eat junk food and am married – is there a link?

    I don’t have cancer and live in Washington D.C. – is there a link?

    The relationship the author proposes might be worth exploring, but it is one of many other possible relationships that should be explored. I am relatively agnostic about the vaccine/no vaccine debate, but the logic of this article is fundamentally flawed.

    • Funnily enough that was the first concept I pitched to my fiancé, that there’s a lot of things the Amish do and don’t do that differ from us and that picking one thing and deciding it’s the one contributing factor to anything else isn’t research, fact or science…it’s stupidity. There are far too many variables and not nearly enough controls.

  12. Talk to doctors who have taken care of kids in hospitals around Amish areas… Many of the sickest kids in the pediatric wards are Amish. They get big break outs of diseases like whooping cough and measles. I am in health care but have mixed feelings about vaccinations. This article does not make the case against vaccinations with enough science but it is interesting information. It would be interesting to see what the natural immunity is of the Amish compared the immunity of those receiving vaccinations and not contracting the illnesses. Though likely not possible, it would be interesting to get more accurate numbers of autistic cases of people with those symptom in the Amish communities.

    • You’re a paid shill, Janette. As are a few of these idiots. Anything that is true that doesn’t involve FDA approval rewards a paycheck for a few simple comments these days, doesn’t it?

      Luke and Jason, you’re both patently absurd without a single connection as to why. Is there a link? Probably not. You were just born that way. You’re both rubbish and have no understanding of why or how vaccines poison people, or why these people are healthier than you. Jealous much? I’d bet the farm on it.

      Sue, you’re a complete idiot. Amish farmers DO NOT USE PESTICIDES. IT IS AGAINST THEIR RELIGION TO DO SO. Get a clue! Don’t you know anything about the Amish?

      Arlene is another fake paid idiot. LEARN about the Amish before you post stupid things be it for pay by the FDA/AMA or as a troll. The Amish DO NOT GET VACCINES and THEY do NOT use PESTICIDES on their foods! They do NOT use electricity, and they do NOT use cars. This is a SIMPLE reality check for you paid shills that know nothing about the Amish, but want to come to the medical killer society’s rescue.

      Ian Richardson? Keep “debinking” things long ago and today. The world still needs your debinking! Now, you can even use Bing in addition to The Onion for your Binking and DeBinking! Bink!

      You want “medically approved” bullcrap and “peer reviews” of those who are NOT peers and would destroy any accuracy to a study as this to review it, Yeah? What a moron. That’s as stupid and ridiculous as making the decision like putting the director of Monsanto in charge of food safety. Oh, wait! Idiots like you DID THIS recently! No surprise there?

      Please go back and tell all the paid shills at Syngenta, Monsanto, Glaxo-Smith-Klyne, Bayer, and whoever the hell else you people work for that NO, the Amish DO NOT get vaccines. They would be kicked out of the Amish community if they did! What the hell is wrong with you people if any of you believe they would accept these poisons or use them??? No!!! Doing that, for them, is like getting the Mark of the Beast to the avid Christian even in secular society! They WILL NOT do it! If anyone believers most of these commenters on here and thinks that they would, then I have some stock from BERNIE MADOFF to sell you right away!

      I really have to wonder how many of you are paid by the FDA/AMA to say this, and how many are really so clueless and lost as to think that the Amish would even do any of this.

      • Seriously? Do you honestly think your emotional rhetoric adds to the discussion here or makes anyone think twice about changing their opinion?!
        I am in favor of open, honest, POLITE discourse. To be passionate is one thing, but to address people, (who may not be “paid shills” as you so kindly put it) as “idiots” causes people to disregard your argument entirely. You’re doing more harm than good for your point of view here.

  13. I am so glad to read the other comments. This is one if the most absurd things I have ever read. I grew up in Amish country, went to school with Amish, and my parents are friends, neighbors, and co-workers with the Amish. Amish don’t have learning disabilities? Are you serious!?!? There are HUGE disability issues in the Amish community. And there is alcoholism and incest and child abuse…just like the rest of the world. And they DO eat McDonalds and shop at WalMart. With the exception of some very strict Old Order communities, they are more modern than you might think. What kind of esearch was done before this was published? I am shaking my head.

    • Lisa you are right! I have many friends that are Amish. I know Amish who have Diabetes, Cancer,learning disabilities and many many get heart disease! They don’t go to the doctor very often so they get diagnosed with less diseases.

  14. What a ridiculous article. The Amish don’t use zippers. That’s why they are more healthy. They step in a lot more horse shit (like this article) and they are more healthy.

  15. Not getting into the debate about vaccinations…but I think posting a picture with this article is very disrespectful to the Amish beliefs. Very irresponsible.

    • Hey Diane B. what’s so special about the Amish ? Is it ok to take my photo because I’m an atheist ? Presumably they are in a public place and the same laws apply to them as to everybody else. What’s your point ?

  16. References to studies from peer-reviewed journals for any of the claims in this article would be where…?

  17. The Amish are not afraid to whip a child’s butt, they dicipline their kids, I think that is the more common denominator.

    • Whipping a child’s butt has what, exactly to do with anything in this discussion? If you are attempting to insinuate that autism is lack of discipline in a child on the part of that child’s parents, you don’t know ANYTHING about autism, or raising children and need to just keep your mouth shut until you have a child of your own and know a little bit more about what you are talking about.

  18. These people are not subjected to many influences that may contribute to the fundamental chemical difference that occurs that seem to be more prevalent. Why not start the campaign to ban stuff on things with NO benefit to our children like Junk food before attacking something you obviously have limited understanding of. This link has been disproven many a time by minds greater than ours.

  19. This makes me laugh out loud knowing that some people are reading this and believing everything written in it. People can write anything about anything on the internet, but that doesn’t mean that it is true. Maybe the Amish don’t report autistic cases to anyone because they keep those children out of the view of anyone beside family or maybe it’s because there children don’t sit in front of the TV all day long rotting their brains. Get real people and stop believing everything on the flipping internet.

  20. But some of them DO get vaccinated. We know many Amish families whose children were vaccinated, but others who did not vaccinate. Yes, they do experience autism and the like. In our travels across PA we have encountered many Amish families with special needs children. It is not as prevalent among them, but their numbers are far smaller than non-Amish folks! We know several families in the Tionesta, PA area and have been in their homes. They are healthier because they work very hard, get LOTS of fresh air and sunshine, go to bed early and rise early, and live free from electrical influences/waves in their homes disrupting their body’s own energy. I am by no means advocating vaccinations because I do not agree with them either, just saying that there are loads of myths out there about the Amish and people should not try to use misinformation to further their agenda.

  21. AND, BTW, they use man-made fertilizer and pesticides and things on their crops sometimes. Only now are some of them learning about organic farming through books and “English” neighbors as they call us non-Amish. And they use lots of conventional store bought food products. I have been in enough of their homes to know this is a fact.

  22. Ditto to the above comments. There are also 40 subsets within the Amish community, most use vaccines. There is no set rules the Amish must follow in regards to medical. Of those who do not, there would be no records to compare them with anyway….duh!
    An Amish Paradox: Diversity and Change in the World’s Largest Amish Community, Charles E. Hurst and David L. McConnell

    “Health Care”, Gertrude Enders Huntington, The Amish and the State

    Amish Society, John A. Hostetler, esp. Ch. 15 “Health and Healing”

    “Amish Contributions to Medical Genetics”, Harold E. Cross and Andrew H. Crosby, Mennonite Quarterly Review, July 2008

    New York Amish: Life in the Plain Communities of the Empire State, Karen Johnson-Weiner

  23. The Amish that babysit my daughter eat plenty of processed food. ( Mountain Dew, Doritos, and little Debbie snacks are staples to them). They also vaccinate their children around here. But they still have no documented cases of an Amish child with autism in this county. Someone needs to look into this further.
    Also, they have many other genetic conditions that pass through generations because of their close bloodlines. (SKIDS and Wordning-Huffman are two we have talked about.) Diseases our societies don’t seem to see as often.

  24. Amish people do get vaccinations. I was raised Amish and I received all vaccines required at the time I went to school. And Amish people use pesticides on their gardens and shop in mainstream grocery stores. A few may have organic gardens, and I also know a few who opt out of vaccines, but for the most part, they eat normally , although they tend to eat more home baked, home grown home cooked type of things. This article is very error filled.

  25. Don’t believe this article…cuz they do have A LOTS of health problems!!!! My brother in law is doctor dentist…. big problem with teeth he said.. why???? They used drug such as heroin and they practically grow heroin. And. they don’t go dentist because Dr will know they Been using heroin just knowing is looking at the gums so instead of going to dentist they pulled the teeth out and wear fake teeth…. a lot Amish wear fake teeth. And some are mob Amish too

    • given your inability to string a sentence together coherently im going to say you dont know anyone thats anywhere near a doctor. also drug abuse and alcohol are absolutely not allowed in that society. go work on your english and then get back to us mmmkkaaaay?

      • James, before you criticize Stacy for her English, you should check your own grammar. You forgot to use a few apostrophes, such as in I’m, that’s, and don’t. “given your inability to string a sentence together coherently im going to say you dont know anyone thats anywhere near a doctor.” You also disregarded capitalizing the first letter of every word beginning your sentences.

  26. The Amish people are private, I don’t think anyone knows exactly how many children are autistic in that community. And the Amish gene pool is murky with in breeding of families, they have many genetic problems, bad teeth etc… If vaccinations caused autism then many many more children would have it. I think it’s the chemicals we are putting in and on our foods.

  27. I don’t know a lot about Amish communities, but I do know about my own son.
    He has a genetic abnormality and an asd – the traits were there from birth – weeks before he started his vaccinations

  28. If I understand correctly Amish people also rarely: ride in motor cars, use phones, use cell phones, use electric light, microwave ovens chemically treated foods and so many other products from modern society.
    Perhaps the lack of autism is due to some of the hundreds of other differences between Amish lifestyle and modern western lifestyles. Assuming of course that Autism rates are lower in Amish communities.
    Oh yeah, and maybe autism simply isn’t diagnosed in Amish communities?
    Maybe Autism is just as prevalent but not diagnosed – none of that crazy modern medicine to diagnose it.

    This article is rubbish and shows no link between autism and vaccination.

  29. Two things this article totally ignores: 1) the Amish have way higher rates of some mental disorders (e.g., bipolar) than people in the general population, 2) because of the lifestyle they lead, it is probably easier for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities to go unnoticed

  30. Just making shit up like this and saying “possible link?” Is horribly irresponsible. Don’t you care about the people that these vaccination=>autism lies are killing?

  31. Some articles for your perusal! :)

    BIG Pharma & VACCINES

  32. Please check your facts. Amish farmers and gardeners do use pesticides. They do consume some processed foods from the grocery store, some of which contain GMOs. They also, on average, die younger than the English.

  33. I’m not the person who posted about the photo, but our Amish neighbors consider a photo of themselves to be a graven image. They don’t stop anyone from taking their photo out of politeness, but if you ask they say they’d rather you didn’t. So if you as an individual or an athiest had a belief that prevented you from wanting your picture taken, I would respect it (even if it was just because you don’t like pictures of yourself).

  34. How would we even know if an Amish child had autism? They are so private, it would most likely not be known outside of the immediate family.

    Saying Amish children don’t have Autism is like saying children a few decades ago didn’t have it either. they did, it just wasn’t recognized as such.

    Amish children do get sick. Some have died from lack of modern health care. (As have Amish adults.) To state otherwise is irresponsible at best.

  35. I knew a family while I lived in Mi. thier son has Autism, they use to tie him to the porch during the day. so they could get thier work done. I use to get upset about that, because that child was chained to a piller by his foot, he would be out there for hours. they did it because they were afraid he would go out in the road and get hit by a car.

  36. Wow…while I believe that there may be a link to vaccines and Autism, this article goes too far. I lived in Amish country for a while and had Amish farms surrounding my home. They absolutely have heart disease, diabetes, and other major diseases. Many ride in cars frequently with an (English driver). Many eat processed foods and use chemicals on the farm. As far as learning disabilities go…I feel they would not be recognized. The teachers in the Amish schools often only have an 8th grade education themselves. The goal of Amish education is learning basic reading, math, history, and limited health education. They do not encourage further education as the goal is to become productive members of the Amish community. I have seen Amish children with disabilities and they are not “hidden.” The Amish take care of their own and the community helps each other. I could say much more, but that is another discussion. I encourage anyone who is ignorant to do some research on the Amish.

  37. I think it is misleading for the headline to focus on vaccinations when in fact the article is about the absence of chemicals in their diet, not just the absence of vaccinations. It is more likely the general absence of chemicals that is the crux of the matter.

    • Yeah, the lack of chemicals such as Polysorbate 80, Formaldehyde, Aluminum hydroxide, Aluminum phosphate, and Mercurate(1-), ethyl[2-(mercapto-kappaS)benzoato(2-)-kappaO]-, sodium (Thimerosal)!

  38. Not many people get autism that’s the prob whether it is high functioning or not, what is needed is acceptance

  39. Anyone who thinks “Mainstream Medicine” vaccinations are a plague on this society AND have had polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, rubella, typhoid fever, pertussis please raise your hand…..Oh wait, you’re in that Iron Lung, sorry. Blink twice if you agree!

    People who think vaccines are the cause of autism should be publically ridiculed. It SURELY isn’t cause doctors are blanket diagnosing any kid they see with perceived learning troubles with Autism, or that MAYBE they just figured out the autism scale and grading techniques to finally truly diagnose patients, thus leading to dramatic increases of reported cases. It has to be vaccinations, because needles are scary. You bring nothing scientific to back up anything you say, and can’t even form a valid opinion without it being littered with flaws and lies. Scholarly evidence is key, and isn’t just the “man” trying to keep you from the “truth”.

    Lets not forget the fact that when Andrew Wakefield published a heavily doctored and manipulated report on the ties between MMR vaccines and Autism (which coincidently, he was working with lawyer firms who represented parents of children diagnosed with autism due to SUSPECTED links with vaccines), vaccinations dramatically dropped. The result was people’s children getting measles in record numbers, higher than most third-world countries. These are facts, learn them.

  40. What about all the genetic diseases that Amish are far more susceptible to because of their limited gene pool, PKU and Maple Sugar Urine Disease being two of the most prevalent?

  41. The level of poor or misinformation here is beyond belief. The Amish are actually well known in the medical community for their higher incidence of a multitude of genetic abnormalities, including maple syrup urine disease and Ellis-van Creveld syndrome. Quite frankly I am curious as to where you’ve gotten your information from because the Amish have no religious order against vaccination and preliminary data from as far back as 2010 indicates a prevalence of 1 in 271. The degree of disinformation on these pages is mind boggling. For more info begin here

    You can also Google the high prevalence of genetic disorders in religiously isolated populations like the Amish. It is a well documented phenomenon.

  42. Every Amish family I know gets their children vaccinated. Some of the most conservative might avoid vaccination, but that is in violation of their beliefs – which say that they should obey the law except where it violates God’s word. One can make a better case for an autism connection with electrical equipment/household wiring and electronics. Or, how about gasoline engines? Baby food? HFCS?

  43. Could be vaccinations, but also could be diet. We eat all the GMOs and Monstanto, the maker that brought us Agent Orange is also the make of all of the pesticides used in family, and all of the genetically changed frankenfoods we eat.

  44. People who study genetics love the Amish. They are extremely inbred and exhibit a wide range of genetic diseases that are rare in the greater population.

    BTW, it has been shown that autism is not caused by vaccinations. This is an extremely dangerous hypothesis that was proposed by a fame-obsessed doctor who has since had his medical licence removed and is barred from the research community due to gross ethical violations including illegal experimentation on children.

    I want to repeat this (and emphasize this to all people who blindly follow that medical expert, Jenny McCarthy):

    Andrew Wakefield committed “serious professional misconduct” by conducting unauthorized experimentation on children in order to further his career.

    Non-vaccinated children are now dying and spreading once controlled diseases due to this psychopath.

    This “article” is a spurious example of misinformation based on a basic lack of scientific knowledge.

    • Here’s what the Eli Lilly Material Safety Data Sheet says re Thimerosal: “Exposure to mercury in utero and in children may cause mild to severe mental retardation and mild to severe motor coordination impairment.”

    • You are wrong in saying non vaccinated children are now dying and spreading disease, disease was at an all time low when vaccines were introduced, vaccinated children get these very diseases that vaccines are supposed to prevent, because they only make the body make antibodies, they do not make a person immune, therefore vaccinated and unvaccinated children will continue to get disease. Anyway getting the disease is the only way you will get true immunity, I am glad I got chicken pox, mumps, measles etc as a child. And I was vaccinated against them all too…. But I still got them. Stop spreading false information that unvaccinated children are spreading disease, its simply not true, even if 100% of population was vaccinated, we would still never completely get rid of the disease. The diseases will not completely be irradicated, especially things like whooping cough, it is still so prevalent dispite being vaccinated against it, my whole family got it last year!!

  45. The Amish do have autism actually. It’s significantly under noted due to other, more prominent co-morbid conditions, but in general, due to the limited variety in the gene pool among the Amish, they are much more prone to developmental disorders, genetic issues, etc. And they do vaccinate. This article is just out right lying really, falling into the AoA trap set by Dan Olmsted who tried to pull this off back in 2005 and was found later to be completely and utterly wrong. The autism is there, other people found it, Dan Olmsted didn’t because he didn’t WANT to find it. And didn’t look too closely at the immunization records kept on the Amish at the local medial clinic they go to for preventative care, treatment and services for their developmentally disabled children. I would suggest your double check your sources. This is all fabricated and not news, or even new and is extremely irresponsible of you to post this in the wake of the last decade + of data that have collected and unable to find any remote link between vaccines and autism. It is genetic, get used to it.

  46. With all due respect, learning disabilities, has been proven to be genetic. I have a learning disability, my age 54, my father who would have been 87, had a learning disability, my son who is 25, has a learning disability, my fathers father, who would be have been 127 yrs old, had a learning disability. My fathers brothers son, has a learning disability. Please I kindly request, that the writer does more research into this matter, before making statements like this. As it can be rather confusing.

  47. Something else not mentioned in this study is the effect of human touch & voice. A researcher friend of mine believes that many children who get autism do not get the nurturing required of infants. Many children in today’s society are put in cribs with items for them to watch but no human interaction. They are taken to day care centers where they sit in their cribs and are not picked up or played with until they are hungry or start crying. People put their children in front of TVs to keep them busy while they go about their business. In the Amish community children are held, read to and sang to and cared for. They are around their parents 24 hrs a day. No TVs or mundane crib toys are used to keep them busy while Mom is off doing something else. Often the children, even infants, are with mom or dad as they do their daily chores around the house and farm. This does not take into account genetic defects that are passed from generation to generation.

    • The ‘refrigerator mother’ hypothesis has been thoroughly debunked decades ago. Autism is genetic. Your ‘researcher friend’ is about 50 years behind the rest of the research community when it comes to autism.

      • The rate of autism is going up in epidemic proportions, and there’s such thing as a genetic epidemic. The “autism is genetic” theory has been disproven years ago. The vaccines are causing mitochondrial dysfunction, and when the scientists see the mito abnormalities, they assume the child was born that way. But, they never checked the child’s mitochondria before they were vaccinated, so there’s not proof of the “born that way” theory. The fact that children regress following vaccination; losing speech, eye contact, etc, shows that the child was not born that way.

  48. I believe on that old school way of of everything, from chemicals and all those modern stuff..wonder why some people are prejudice about these group..let them live their lives so be it. theyre not harming you, the planet and the environment..WHY HATE ? you guys are all HYPOCRITE.

  49. I know someone who was not vaccinated, and they didn’t have autism. They did suffer from painful and debilitating polio however :(

  50. They don’t eat commercially processed foods. You are missing the obvious correlation to try push your agenda. Autism rates have increased in direct proportion to the rise of processed foods. McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, packaged salami, coca cola.

  51. The Amish are genetically closed off to the outside world– not too many folk joining the Amish community and interbreeding… Maybe this factors into the lower rate of ASD in their communities.

  52. so we should all become Amish???? I don’t know who does these studies, and if they knew for SURE that it was from fast food etc. then the problem would be solved right???? I think Autism is a “wonder to Drs. and all people as much as Cancer is…….where is it coming from, and with all the research, why haven’t they come up with something??? Amish people don’t believe in Dr.s or Dentists so how many die from things we don’t know about????? They are very private people, so I don’t believe a lot of what this article says…….and Mike Jones you need to apologize to Molly….no one is to blame for having an autistic child, as is someone who has a child born with down syndrome, or other different genetic problems……All we can do is Pray some day they find a cure for all these things so people can live normal healthy lives……

  53. I think one should also take into consideration discipline. I can’t imagine the Amish tolerating the lack of impulse control children growing up today seem to be allowed to display (that being their lack-there-of). I can’t imagine the Amish tolerating a mob of selfish self-centered children who think the universe revolves around them — and, I’m pretty sure their parents don’t also exhibit the same behavior. Our society has become one of the most crass self-centered peoples in history with a complete lack of respect of their fellow man/neighbor/countryman.

  54. This “article” is baseless and stupid. The Amish suffer from PLENTY of chronic illnesses, especially those associated with incest. You can often see the physical manifestations of their dysfunction if you really look. This is fantasy, designed to appease those who want so badly to believe there is a strict cause and effect between autism and vaccines when there is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to support the theory. Many double-blind studies refute the idea of a connection. I suffer from a chronic disease for which there is no explanation and no known cure. So I understand the desire to look to alternatives and “fight the system.” But it cannot be based on wishful thinking and pure stubornness (sp?).

  55. The Amish are also a genetically non-diverse population. They marry from within their religious communities, so yes, the rareness of autism in the Amish communities can be tied to genetics. Or perhaps it is because they marry young and have children while they are young, so their eggs and sperm are at their healthiest. There may be many causes of autism or just a few. Correlation is not causation.

  56. There is autism in the Amish communities and they eat PLENTY of McDonalds, Taco Bell, Chinese Buffet, Pizza…everything fast food available. Don’t kid yourself. They drink plenty of soda and even beer, too.

  57. most amish farms are not organic. they;ve been using the same pesticdes and fertilizers that non amish farmers do. while there may be a few organic amish farms thats not what the majority are eating so thats a problem with this article,. makes me wonder about the fact finding of the author becasue this is common knowledge.

  58. This is a myth.. The Amish have no religious prohibition against vaccination and they do get autism.

    • Well, Dr Mayer Eisenstein has cared for 50,000 children in his 40 years of medical practice, all unvaccinated, and NO AUTISM! This is documented because Blue Cross contacted him and asked “How come we’ve never had a report of autism from your offices?” He joked, “Clearly, we have better doctors here!” The Blue Cross rep replied “Nice try, but we have all your records and we know that you don’t vaccinate!”

  59. The most likely Link between (if there is a link) Amish having little sign of learning “disabilities” (or differentlyabled) is because the gene is passed down the male side most often and the Amish are a closed community.
    Autism is not a problem speaking as someone with Autism. and I think the people who think it is are unmoral stupid morons who dont know anything about anything. I have problems with certain things but I have huge increases in other abilities that puts me right a head of every one else. No one is the same and its time people realized that, every body needs to be dealt with in a slightly different manner and it took me years of intesnly studying people when I was younger to be able to get on with things now, Look I cant read peoples emotional state easily, I have to work it out by all the details, I dont feel empathy dont even understand the emotion, I also dont know how to talk to most people, because I find what they find interesting as complete rubbish football, gossip, talking rubbish, Male provardo, etc. But I am an Engineer/ Scientist I love science in every way I have an I.Q. of 153, I can see particle trajectories, I can design anything I want and visualize it perfectly in my head, I can take most things apart and put them back together, I know how to fix most mechanical things just by looking at them, I think in a much more logical methodical way then most people, I can see links between things that most people cant. When Im driving I can see all the possible paths for every car, bike, truck, cyclist, person, dog etc. etc. around me as grey shadows that get lighter and lighter as the possibility get more unlikely.
    I’m dyslexic ( diagnosed at 10), High Functioning Autistic (diagnosed at 23), I have ADHD and I suffer from depression. I was BORN this way, my farther was born with Autism and dyslexia, 2 of my brothers was born with dyslexia, 1 of which also had club foot his son has dyslexia. An other brother (same mother different father) was born with Bi-polar disorder and his farther was Bi-Polar and his fathers mother was Pi-Polar… There is a stronger link between genetics and ways of thinking than with environmental conditions. meaning if you want to find a link you need to go prior to birth,
    Look we may be the same race but the amount of any one chemical (96 Natural chemical elements) in our bodies are different, every single one of us is different from the next, so what on earth makes every one think that there isnt going to be natural different ways of thinking, there are obviously benefits to it.
    Look back over history at the genius people of each era and you notice that they where “eccentric” by the standards of the times, look at the type of thinking you have to do to be able to invent the way they did, to notice motion in the way the did, see the links between things, and you realize that these people obviously had some form of physiological “Problems” (as “normal” people call them). even further back then the vaccinations started. Look at the great artists of their days, most where called mad at some point in their career.

    Here another point for you, up until maybe 20 years ago, learning disabilities where not widely accepted by the medical industry, in that 20 years the understanding of the Differences in us have become better know and so detection has gone up because we are better able to find the people who are different.

    You “Normal” people keep calling us the disabled ones, but in most cases it is us the learning “disabled” that progress humanity. We are the ones with the out of the ordinary thinking that lets us imagine in different ways. its been estimated the 1 in 4 engineers are autistic or dyslexic, 1 in 3 scientist, 2 in 3 artists have some form of “physiological problem”. 1 in 4 of all people have a mental health “problem” and I think I remember a statistic saying that 3 in 5 “learning disabled” people Hold high level jobs in science and technologies. where as 1 in 20 “normal” people have high level science and technology jobs. Whats that say about you “normal” people?
    To the people who think every body should be the same and think in the same ways. YOUR SCUM!!!

    • Dear Angry, I believe what you have is the real “born this way” autism. The problem is that doctors have attempted (very successfully) to hide vaccine injury by diagnosing it as autism. So, you are among the 1% who is in fact autistic. But, 99% of the “autism” cases diagnosed today are in fact, vaccine injury; brain damage from encephalitis; gut dysbiosis, autoimmune disorders, etc. So, please don’t take it personally when people talk about autism as vaccine injury. We are talking about the 99%, not you. However, please be careful to not think that you are better than us normal people, And the fact that you call us SCUM leads me to believe that you do in fact feel emotion. My main concern is that you have stated that you do not feel empathy, but that you are a scientist with an ID of 153. Brilliant scientists with no empathy are the ones who have developed the atom bomb, and the technology to deliver it via missles to any country on Earth in a matter of minutes. They have developed drugs and vaccines that kill more people than all the wars in human history. They developed genetically modified seeds which are endangering our food supply, and pesticides that are killing the bees which we need to pollinate our food bearing trees. They develop sonar which can communicate with submarines on the other side of the Earth, but kill whates and dolphins. In fact, all of the ocean is in danger from factory farming technoligy, Fukushima radiation, oil spills, etc. So, don’t be so proud to be a scientist without empathy. How about try a little humility and pray for some empathy. I think you may have the capacity to develop that. And, if not, please do not develop technology that will be used to kill us normal people. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I might say that the government is purposely vaccinating people against having empathy. That way, they will have plenty of drone pilots who can click a mouse and kill innocent civilians in other countries and watch them bleed out by seeing the heat signature of their body gradually shift from 98 degrees down to background. I think it would be more useful to direct your anger to the people who are creating all the suffering in the world. Not us normal people who are sincerely trying to find solutions, and reduce suffering. I wish you the best.

  60. The Amish have a rate of autism among their children of 1 in 271 ( and they have no religious restrictions against vaccinations, either (many, if not most, Amish children are vaccinated). It is also a misconception that the Amish only eat organic, locally grown food. They do eat a lot of home-grown produce, but the seeds and plants they buy are the same as those anyone else purchases at the local Wal-Mart, Tractor Supply, Co-op, etc. many of which are hybrids, patented and GE/GMO. They also use pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides and their crops. In addition to using their homegrown produce, meat, eggs and dairy products, they also purchase the same foodstuffs that non-Amish people do, such as flour, sugar, canned goods, rice, spaghetti noodles, Ramen noodles, oatmeal, molasses, marshmallow fluff, peanut butter, etc. I’ve known many Amish men who drink and use tobacco and most also eat junk food and drink fruit punch, sodas and powdered drink mixes.

  61. Autism is just another word for a society that is poisoning itself at the expense of cultural wars and $$$$$. modern Masonic Western culture created Autism, not the other way around. much like HIV. modern con-science is the religion of Western culture and while it has allowed people to see things in the human body that our ancestors would never dream to see, it has also allowed people to be lazy and victimized by a few technocrats of a materialistic society. anybody can tell you that if a drug or a vaccine has liquid-metal (mercury) is downright dangerous for people to take. no need for anyone yo believe in con-doctors and con-scientists to keep dragging the public to their Latin-medical syntax language.

  62. The Amish do indeed get vaccinations, they have autistic children, down syndrome children, and a very high rate of dwarfism among them. They have ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia and just about every other problem we have they just don’t advertise it!. I lived with the Amish for 10 years, my husband was partners in business with them for 6 years. They do drive cars if they have not joined the church yet or they hire someone to drive them (me), They get drunk on Saturday and Sunday nights, smoke, have TVs and stereos until they join the church, they use telephones, have diesel generators to provide electric, eat junk food, go to the doctor regularly, curse, go skiing, boating, hunting, swim and yes the girls wear bikinis and one piece suits and believe it or not the couples do sleep together before marriage. At least the ones in Lancaster County Pennsylvania do, I can not say for the rest of the country.

  63. Firstly there are different branches of Amish … from the more extreme who hold on to the old ways to others who move more flexibly with some modern thinking (if anyone these days does still know how to think)!Secondly the cause of most broad spectrum learning difficulties (of which autism itself covers many different symptoms) is directly linked to Mercury poisoning (and there is research that indicates this)!The reason why ‘vaccinations’ (and I use the term loosely) are indicted as a cause is because they contain Mercury! There is something in all of us that protects the brain … know as the blood / brain barrier!That barrier though can be broken down and one substance that does that is histomine … produced in the body in reaction to certain pathogens but also by children when teething (there are other causes) !So if you inject a child with a substance containing Mercury when that child (or older person) is producing that Histamine …. the brain is unprotected and that mercury will find its way in where it pushes out oxygen needed for cellular heath!You then are at extreme risk of brain damage! However there is a charity in Mexico that has so far cured some 93 previously diagnosed children …

  64. “They pathetically try to rationalize that autism is some type of genetic failure (i.e. God’s fault), which attacks a brain based on religious affiliation.” I have never heard that. There may be a few extremists about who go about saying that autism is because of religious affiliation but I strongly doubt that there are more than a few. So why bring it up in what is meant to be a logical argument? Unless, of course, it is propaganda.

    “When the Amish are simply left alone, to live free of chemical toxins found in our medicines and foods, they are not plagued with diseases, learning disabilities, or autism.” Of course. But vaccinations is 1 out of a number of things they don’t do: TV, sedentary existence, sitting for too long, chemicals (in home, in food, etc), tobacco, alcohol, drugs, lack of purpose, lack of a strong social network. So why single out vaccinations? You mention that 2/3 Amish children with autism were vaccinated–were they also introduced to other mainstream things?

    Also, 1/100 children get Autism. You also said that 3/x Amish people get Autism. We’re missing a number–how many Amish people are there? You want us to be intelligent; give us the facts. Missing facts don’t help people draw wise conclusions.

  65. Cancer, for one, is not “virtually unknown” in Amish communities. In fact, they have an astonishingly high rate of both breast cancer and childhood leukemia. In addition, they do not seek diagnosis or treatment for autism, nor do they even acknowledge it. They just have some children who are “slow” or “off” (their terms). Please do not resort to outright falsehoods in order to support your views. It only makes the entire anti-vax community look like it is premised on quackery.

  66. I have to burst the bubble of assumption when the author declares that the Amish “diet consists of eating organic, fresh, locally-grown produce”. I have lived amongst the Amish, delivered their babies, and treated dozens of children throughout 7 communities (all with different “rules” mandated by their Bishop). I can assure you that their diet is not as pristine as you propose. They love refined white sugar, lard, and pastries, then use candy to get their children to keep moving on the farm chores. I treated some families for over 15 years and witnessed the onset of Type II diabetes, obesity, and crippling arthritis fueled by an acidic diet of coffee, sugar, and refined carbohydrates. I have seen Amish @ the McDonalds drive thru window, at the Farm and Fleet buying RoundUp, and at Walmart buying disposable diapers. Many Amish families have a plethora of Down’s Syndrome babies due to the lack of genetic diversity and that women are still giving birth when they are in their early 50′s. (I delivered baby # 17 to a woman who was 54).

    There was one family in particular that followed a more natural diet, no sugar – just honey and occasional sweets on Sunday. They all maintained normal weights, had easy births, and were the healthiest group I have ever met. You put good stuff in your body, and 99% of the time you’ll have a good outcome.

    My children are NOT vaccinated and have been exposed to everything – and never got the Whooping Cough that was hacked on them for months at a time @ their little Waldorf School. My kids were born at home, breastfed, and ate almost exclusively organic high quality foods. When they do get sick (which is rare) they bounce back really quickly with the use of natural remedies and snuggle time. I am not a preachy freak, just a witness to what I have seen work over my last 20 years of private practice.

    ALL parents need to consider:
    1. Ingredients – especially inject-able vaccines made with mercury, formaldehyde, blood products, and foreign species.
    2. Most of the childhood illnesses for which vaccines are given, are not deadly diseases anymore – due to hygiene and better medical care. They are normal sickness that take ahile to flow through the system and are really inconvenient for a working parent. Can you stay home to care for your child?
    3. Either way (to vaccinate or not) there are risks. Don’t live in fear, live empowered with knowledge, love, and find your truth.

    • Autumn your comment triggered an Amish anecdote that will surely sour some people’s perceptions of what and who the Amish are. The funniest thing I ever saw was when I was at a Dairy Queen in LaGrange, Indiana about 25 years ago when they still had a Dairy Queen (it was taken out to expand a main thoroughfare). My grandmother and I had stopped by for a sundae and were sitting in the parking lot eating when a buggy full of Amish teenagers trotted in. The kids parked the buggy, grabbed some paper sacks and ran inside. When they came out they had on “English” clothes, and they all piled in to a car, leaving the horse & buggy behind. It was hilarious–it’s called “rumspringa”. Another common occurrence in this town to this day is the lineup of Amish buggies going through the McDonald’s drive-thru. I personally live near several Amish families. They do grow some of their own food, and in summertime will personally deliver fresh vegetables to my house. But let me tell you what, I can guarantee their cupboards are as full of potato chips and soda (it’s called “pop” in my area of the country) as any English. Note: About 13 years ago I wrote an award-winning series of stories on the Amish called “The Bread of Life.” Gathering the information for these stories was an experience in itself, much of which I didn’t include in the stories. It was both enlightening and rewarding to be welcomed into these folks’ homes, and to talk with them about their way of life– a lifestyle that can differ drastically from community to community depending on the bishop and the sect, even when they’re only 20 miles or less from each other.

  67. I’ve read the article and most of the comments below. The Amish built our home years ago. We transported and worked with them for better than a month. They use cell phones, power tools,& ride in cars. These our other peoples phones, tools and cars. They are very private people, they do not like their faces in pictures. I don’t know if they vaccinate their children, I do know they have children with mental handicaps, I worked 15 yrs with mental handicap children and we had an Amish student. 1 in comparison to the many others. In a motorcycle trip we took to SD several years ago, we stopped and stayed in a small town, this town had a medical office that was visited by many of the Amish. They stayed in the neighboring hotel as they all waited their turns to see a doctor. These are the things I know, as they were my experience. They are good, honest hard working folks. The kind that are true to their word and have a strong community that cares about their people. That in it self would be healthy. They do however, enjoy a pizza once in awhile, drink an occasional beer, love ice-cream and have quite a sense of humor. Again my experience… What a beautiful home they built :)

  68. I’m not surprised, the same go es with vetenarians that want our dogs vaccinated and treated with Avatix that we put on their skin once a month during the summer to prevent mosquito ant tick bites, can you immagige what our poor pets have in there blood stream if a bug would not sting them.. My dog is 14 years old in great health and has never been to the vet with the exception of for a few stiches after a cut.

  69. I have personally met two people who were Autistic and born and raised in Amish communities. Both were unvaccinated until adulthood (which I know as I had access to their health records as a health professional.) Their families put them into care when the people became adults and started to express sexual desires. Both had been hidden as much as possible within their houses. The one person with Autism had a brother who still visited the person and he expressed that there were other people “like my” sibling, but hidden within the community. “We do not take them to doctors.” So to say there are only three Amish who have ever been diagnosed with Autism isn’t saying much.

    • Very valid point, also my three foster children are all autistic and had never been vaccinated people want answers and someone to blame so badly they will point fingers in any direction.

  70. Both of our kids have ADHD and we eat a healthy diet. They have high IQ’s and have succeeded in life. Sadly, many Amish children are suffering a disease that is caused by too much intermarrying. The groups have to send their children to different states to marry.

  71. What is fantastically ignored here is the fact that the Amish have generational devastating genetic disorders and many children die very young to chronic health complications. Some genetic disorders in the Amish communities have even yet to be named they are so rare. Vaccinations or not, autism or not, their limited gene pool is causing childhood developmental disruption and morbidity on a whole other level.

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  73. Not enough information . Personally, I feel the birth control pill is to blame for the rise in behavioral & auto-immune disease in Western society. Suppressing fertility & the hormonal cocktail that comes with it, causes women to pick mates who are similar in their immunities and genetics instead of different thus giving their offspring less immunity, less diversity and more inflammatory reactions. Get artificial hormones out of family planning and I bet you’ll see these issues drop down to a more reasonable percentage that correlates with random genetic mutation. And please, I am talking widespread contraception NOT true medical use.

    /runs & ducks

    • Yes, but I think you’ll find that 95% of the autism today is from the vaccines. That’s why we need to demand a study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. Why is the CDC so afraid to do that? (rhetorical question)

      • Michael, you are badly wrong. Your fear of vaccines is misguided at best, and dangerous to others at worst.
        Autism is NOT caused by vaccines. We now know (we have scientific proof) that autisim comes at birth. The placenta of a child who has autism is DIFFERENT than the placenta of a normal child.

        Link to study:

        Now how can a vaccination cause these differences?

        If you still fear vaccination you are afraid of the wrong bogeyman. Measles? Killed tens of thousands per year in the US prior to vaccination? Whooping cough? Severe illness, infants can break ribs coughing. Polio? Ever see anybody in an iron lung? I have.

        Also, the fact that you and your family aren’t vaccinated threatens me and my family. I can’t vaccinate a newborn, nor can my cousin Steve who survived leukemia be safely vaccinated and his immune system is wrecked. You aren’t vaccinated?

        Stay away from me and mine.

        Joseph Bonnar

        • Dr Bonnar, Here’s what the Eli Lilly Materials Safety Data Sheet says about Thimerosal: “Exposure to mercury in utero and in children may cause mild to severe mental retardation and mild to severe motor coordination impairment.” Aluminum can also cause demethylation similar to mercury, and the majority of vaccines contain aluminum as an adjuvant. I read the article you cited and it says “The study only predicted risk of autism, however, not actual autism.” Not surprising. They have to get really creative to keep coming up with studies that don’t find a vaccine-autism link. Are you aware that the CDC instructed the IOM to come to a negative finding before their former vaccine-autism study even began? Also, can you cite one scientific study that shows unvaccinated children are a danger to vaccinated? If vaccines work, why would you think they are not protected? I arrived at my conclusions by listening to hundreds of hours of MDs talking about the topic and reading supporting articles and testimony of parents who witnessed their child’s vaccine injury. I can assure you that I’ve heard all the pro-vax arguments and they don’t hold up to scientific scrutiny. That’s not my opinion, it’s the conclusion of the MDs and PhDs who have investigated them in detail. Bottom line is that you’ve been lied to, and you really need to listen to those MDs, because the fear tactics are in insult to the intelligence of parents, many of whom have studied how the immuntne system works more than the average doctor, who just is trained, not educated.

          • Michael, you are wrong again.
            First, I am not a doctor, never claimed to be one.
            Second, Thimerserol is no longer allowed in vaccines and hasn’t been in some years. Still big in tattoo ink, if I remember correctly.
            Third, aluminum in vaccines is negligible compared to what you get in the environment. It leaches into your sodas, your foods from the aluminum containers you use.
            Fourth, as you anti-vaxxers are fond of saying, vaccines are NOT 100% effective. In fact only 60 to 80% of people vaccinated get full immunity. For the rest we rely on herd immunity which is now at risk from you and other anti-vaxxers. So even the vaccinated are at risk from you and yours, not to mention infants and those with compromised immune systems, such as cancer survivors.
            The evidence is in, it is solid. Your stance harms me, it hurts my family and puts them at risk. There should be liability for your behaviour, I hope the laws come to pass that will allow me to sue if you get me ill.
            Joseph Bonnar

          • I can’t believe that you would try to equate injecting aluminum hydroxide into a baby with the tiny amount an adult might ingest. What we eat could very well pass through the alimentary canal and not be absorbed; not the case when injected. Also, have you seen what the AL compound looks like under a microscope? They are like razor blades; shards with pointy ends, which our white blood cells are unable to deal with, and they can enter into every cell of the body, creating a constant irritation which leads to serious chronic conditions, including Alzheimers. But, again, I’m only citing what MDs and scientists have said, it’s not my “opinion”. Also, Wikipedia, which you cited to discredit Dr Krigsman, is not a reliable source for medical science. The admins there are a small groups of “skeptics” who only allow posts that support Big Pharma. They have been exposed by investigative journalist Tim Bolen (

  74. This is a small population that doesn’t breed outside of its population, unless a person leaves the community. Therefore it is a small sample size with a limited number of genes. If forms of Autism are genetically inherited and those genes do not exist in the population to begin with, then their children will not be born with Autism. The same is true when you look at small interbreeding populations such as some sects within the Jewish community where Tay-Sachs rates are extremely high – they tend to have children with people within their group. One small survey (can’t even call this a real Scientific study) doesn’t make a conclusion.

    • Quite simply vaccinations do not cause Autism. This has been proven over and over again. I helped raise a Severely Autistic step son and I was very afraid of my own children being carriers from their dad who is a Medical Doctor and has also researched this subject. I read everything I could! Autism they are finding is linked to high levels of Mercury in a developing fetus’s brain. Studies have shown that babies with high levels of mercury in the womb, tend to develop Autism. Your child is in more jeopardy by not getting their vaccinations not to mention causing another epidemic of disease.

  75. I think that it’s much more diet related. GMO’s and the chemicals that are sprayed all over the food that isn’t organic are much more, I think, at the heart of this issue. Hybridizing and genetically altering our food to the point where our bodies don’t know what it is anymore – and then adding more chemicals in the forms of herbicides and pesticides, has to be playing Russian Roulette with our own genetic makeup. I watched a documentary where a doctor said that the *first* thing he does for his patients with autism is to remove all GMO food from their diets. It always helps.

  76. Having lived in Pa Amish country many many moons ago, and going with my Grandmother to purchase eggs ,corn and other vegies from them I have much respect for their simple but much harder life. Way back then though there seemed to be a lot of dwarfism and retardation from inbreeding(i.e. first cousins) However I read somewhere that the elders corrected this by advacating for new blood lines from far away clans to court/date and eventually marry. But yes some vacccines and all GMO’s are very unhealthy!

  77. Yikes, this article is really (really) full of information that is completely at odds with my experiences growing up around the largest Amish population in the country. First, this assertion that they eat nothing but pure organic amazingly healthy food is silly. Like most people, their diets vary. Yes, it is likely that their summertime veggies are more likely to come from the garden and their meat more likely to come from a local source, but they shop at the same grocery stores the “English” do, often filling their carts with the same crap we do. Yes, I’m telling you that the Amish eat Cheetos. And McDonald’s. Really. Where I grew up, there is a hitching post for buggies at the local McDonalds.

    Second, there are likely few verified cases of autism or learning disabilities because they avoid things like English therapists and psychiatrists, school counselors, and even early prenatal care. Amish autistic children doubtless exist, they just aren’t labeled and added to statistics because most of them aren’t attending mainstream schools or seeing early childhood development therapists recommended by their Montessori teachers. The Amish take care of their own, so children who are developmentally disabled or otherwise disadvantaged are raised, cared for, and nurtured by the community in the same way they all are. Unless the issues are severe, it’s likely that the outside community would ever even know which Amish children had what issues or limitations.

    The commentary about the Amish being more intelligent is also a head scratcher. Based on what, exactly? Of course they don’t have college level writing skills, most don’t go the school beyond the 8th grade, and even that schooling is very focused on nuts and bolts, a practical education for a practical life. Like any group, there are intelligent Amish folks, and those who are… not so much. There are beautiful Amish folks, and not so much. There are tall and short and thin and fat and every other variation you would expect. Due to a lack of health care and more than the average marrying among cousins, they do have more than the average rates of birth defects, but this weird romanticized view of them as living these pure, unsullied lives in complete isolation is just not the truth.

    So take your anti vaccine crusade elsewhere. The Amish are not the proof you’re looking for.

  78. A small community, 3 sounds about right when you say 1 in a 100 gets autism. Even if we play along and imagine that autisme etc. Isnt showing in the amish community, I bet its because they arent around chemicals all their life. The clothes we have on, the food we eat, the skincare we use, shampoo, toys, makeup, it all have tons of chemicals in it. I bet that affects a hella lot more than vaccinations.

    Btw, the rise in autisme is easily explained; The diagnostics was changed. It used to be only nonverbal and low IQ. Today we know that autists can be quite the savants and verbal. Changing something to include more people and then be surprised that theres more with the diagnose? stupid.

  79. Well, the number of observations here is very small. And what does the theoretical assumption behind an alleged causal link between “being amish” and “autism when vaccinated” contain? This is most likely only random correlations

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  81. This article is irresponsible, the Amish do get cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. If you read one of their local newspapers, where the write letters to friends and families they are often reporting on health matters. Do basic research, what a crock.

  82. Maybe you should do some research!

    Our Mission
    The Clinic for Special Children was established in 1989 as a non-profit medical service for Amish and Mennonite children with genetic disorders. The Clinic serves children by translating advances in genetics into timely diagnoses and accessible, comprehensive medical care, and by developing better understanding of heritable diseases.

  83. The author of this article claims that there has only been 3 verified cases of autism in the Amish, yet also cites an article by the International Society for Autism Research that directly states in their study of one Amish population ALONE they diagnosed 25 children with autism. This, in conjunction with the paranoid religious ramblings, makes for weak sauce, argument-wise. You think you are helping people, but you are really just not…not at all…the ‘medical establishment’ you rail so excitedly against has the pesky task of actually finding REAL data to back up claims of causation. The writer of this article has no authority whatsoever to comment on such a complex medical issue as the cause of autism, because they cannot even cite a reference correctly.

  84. You need to realize that more and more Amish are submitting to the pressure of the “English,” and vaccinating their children. And, they ARE getting autism. As a newspaper reporter, I personally have interviewed many Amish in northeast Indiana, and I have asked them about autism and vaccines, and they have told me about family members with autism. I’ve asked if the autism children were vaccinated–and found that they were. I inquired as to why they were vaccinating, and I was told that more Amish children are attending public schools, and because of the pressure to vaccinate, the parents are vaccinating rather than fight the system. Also, more and more Amish are having their babies in hospitals, where they have the hep B pushed on them before they leave the hospital. It’s a terrible tragedy. And, like it or not, more and more Amish are having to resort to GMO seeds for the same reason. They also are eating tons of processed (junk) foods. Go to Walmart in my area, or Aldi’s, and you’ll see their grocery carts loaded with packaged junk foods.

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  86. There is NO link between autism and vaccinations, people need to do their research! I talked to my doctor after watching Jenny Garth and Jim Carrey on that documentary on the war on vaccine. My doctor, rather my son’s doctor, told me to watch it to the end, at the end of that video, it shows the “dr” who came up with this in the first place is a fraud. He never did any studies or research to verify any links between the two. You want to talk about ignorance? Look at a child with dyptheria, or whooping cough. Its horrible, and NO child should have to suffer through that. Those things can end in death, including chicken pox. I personally would not put my child’s life in danger just because a fradulant claim tried to connect the two with no avail. So sad people are falling for this garbage.

    • No offense Peg, but your comments sound exactly like the “talking points” doctors are trained to use with parents who question vaccine safety. Unfortunately, your doctor is misinformed and has not don’t his own research, Your child is in much greater risk of a serious adverse reaction from vaccines than in dying from chicken pox or measles.Please listen to not one, but over a dozen MDs, as well as DOs and PhDs who actually have researched the false claims of the vaccine lobby, and are not on the Big Pharma payroll. Listen here:

  87. The Amish Are Getting So Inbred That Once Rare Genetic Diseases Are Becoming Common And Out Crossing To Other Villages Is The Only Solution

  88. to all you experts that try to discredit this story can you prove that the information put forth about the amish community is false. That’s the bottom line!

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  91. recent study in Pediatrics titled “Underimmunization in Ohio’s Amish: Parental Fears Are a Greater Obstacle Than Access to Care.” The study found that majority of Amish parents do, in fact, vaccinate their children…and among the minority that don’t, the most common reasons cited were the same anti-vaccine fueled fears that have infected people around the country.

  92. Could it be because the Amish do not go to the doctor and not have a diagnose, they have a simple life where a person with learning disabilities will have no difficulty in integrating

  93. Could it be that they spend more time reading, singing, exploring and sharing knowledge as children, rather than spending a large proportion of their days sitting in front of one screen or another? I think it´s dangerous to suggest such a direct link between vaccines and autism.

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  95. Some other points to consider here regarding the Amish as I live in central Pennsylvania, in the heart of Amish country, and worked in the medical field with a number of Amish children. Although it is true that the produce theyconsume is locally grown, this produce is not always organic (in fact usually not) and they do not sort out their foods as not eating GMOs etc. I would be interested in where the author of this article got the information that they do not use GMOs, and only eat organic produce. The author also fails to mention the high rate of unusual genetic and developmental disorderswithin the children of the community. Additionally offensive is the picture posted by the author of a young Amish girl, as they shun having their picture taken. The author appears to have little experience with an actual Amish community.

    • Lena, you are so right. This author obviously has never had any contact with the Amish community. See my comments I posted elsewhere here.

  96. Amish don’t eat at McDonalds or drink sodas? What world do you live in? Have you ever lived around the Amish? I have,and they most certainly DO eat the occasional McDonalds, drink sodas….oh AND shop at *gasp* Wal-Mart. Come to Tennessee and visit the small town of Lawrenceburg, you will assuredly see these things for yourself. I do concede that they are a private people, they do grow their own food (and sell it to you if you go looking), make furniture, their own clothes and homes, but they definitely do enjoy the occasional “modern creature comfort” every now and then. Don’t ever assume.

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